Can sailfish x be purchased in the usa with a vpn and debit card?

really liking the demo so far on my xperia 10 plus and i wanna buy the full version but i dont have a credit card.

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yes. I don’t remember all of the details of when I did it a few years ago, but I’m in US and I didn’t have any credit card. I think i used Proton (there’s certain countries that will satofy the site - I think I picked Netherlands), and a prepaid gift card…

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weird, because thats exactly what i did and it didnt work. it was a usa only gift card tho, did u use an international one?

Is it maybe possible the card issuer blocks international transactions altogether and it’s not an issue with Jolla?
Another option could be PayPal. Or you could try to route a debit card through (I’m happy to provide a $5 referral code) instead of trying to use it directly with Jolla.

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i just got my debit card today and bought my sailfish x with a vpn. everythings working, thanks guys for the advice