Can not start installed android apps

I have a Sony Xperia with Sailfish (latest one). Now I can install every android app I need (no error, no failure), but i can not start one of them. When i try to start a android app, the app seems to start up and then, the window closes. No message…
Can you please tell me, how i can start these apps and/or, how i can find the error? Is there a log, where i can find out what the problem actually is?

Thanks a lot, Martin

  1. which Xperia? 10 II and 10 III are 64-bit, 10 and XA2 are 32-bit but modern, X has Android 4.4 - it is quite easy to run out of storage space on the older models.

  2. how did you get the Android packages? Give details of at least one.

  3. how did you install them?

  4. which instructions did you follow?

The command (it’s one line)

grep Exec /usr/share/applications/apkd_lau*

gives the launch commands for Android apps, everything after Exec=

For F-Droid it’s
apkd-launcher org.fdroid.fdroid.apk org.fdroid.fdroid/org.fdroid.fdroid.views.main.MainActivity

Thanks a lot.

  1. It is a Xperia XA2
  2. I downloaded some APKs. For example these one:

I solved the problem by installing the Aurora Store. When i install Apps with these store, they work (most of the time :slight_smile: ).

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

That’s not just any regular Android app. No wonder it doesn’t want to work.