Can i update Firefox/fenix installed from apk?

if yes,how is it done?
i don’t want to install FFUpdater, and saw this thread: [] Can not update firefox (android) via manual apk installation

I would recommend installing Aurora Store via F-Droid. There you can install and update Firefox. Eazy peazy.


i would prefer a native solution or doing it manually.

Elaborate with why would you want specifically native application for updating an Android app?

Why are you seeking a native solution?

i mean that i would have preferred being able to update firefox from the browser itself,or from sailfish itself; without having to resort to external Appstores and apps.
the less 3rd party stuff i have on my device,the better i feel(privacy and security concerns).

  1. Download APK file
  2. Install it by “open/selecting” it in the file browser (system preferences)
  3. Touch it only one time, be patient until a notification appears …
  4. Works for first install and updates …
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i saw your reply an hour after i decided to do it manually :slightly_smiling_face:
at least I’ll know for next time.

I’m not sure i understand what is :

do you mean under “Settings/Transfers”,or “Settings/Storage”?