Can I do something about the aarch64 poor support on my xperia 10 ii?

Hi, I got a new Xperia 10 ii and bought SailfishOS for it and i am pretty satisfied with the overall package tbh.
My only problem is that in storeman there are apps that I want to use, for example the android notifications one (since I don’t seem to get any notifications from the android apps unless they are already open) and some other patches that look cool and I would love to try.

Problem is, when I try to get patchmanager, there’s no version for aarch64 for it, same with the android notifs app, I can only get the repo but not install it, is there anything I can do to get those apps?


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Wait or maybe ask the dev kindly.

Patchmanager is available via Chum as well, was published recently. That would have aarch64 available.

Thanks, that worked, I will try to ask some devs to port some other apps, maybe I will get lucky

sometimes you can get the sources and compile them yourself if you are in the path with the sources after unzipping or git clone --recursive url-to-source.git where the url is the url of the github or gitlab page for example with qmake . then make -j8 and then devel-su make install however that’s quite dirty, because removing the installation is not straight forward, i found a way back then to log the copied files in a file and then removing all of them. okay for the sake of completeness i googled it. make -n install does a dry install, so nothing will be installed only the files going to be installed are listed i guess. so make -n install>files.txt should make a file containing all installed files and some more information. sometimes there is devel-su make uninstall

I will try this, but I suppose it doesn’t work on all the apps.

Please, please, please don’t do this unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

This will brake more things than you can imagine if you do it with random applications.

That being said, most apps will require dependencies to be installed first (which itself can very much break your system).

It really is better, if you are going to go the compile-it-yourself trial-and-error route, to learn how ot use one of the build environments (SDK, codeus docker images, obs, others) and build your things there.
It will take time to learn, but it will take more time to follow the above advice and figure out everything that breaks.

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errrr. Just download the sdk. It’s very likely not going to work for anything that uses sailfish QT. Or?

Visually inspect: Show sailfishos:chum / patchmanager - SailfishOS Open Build Service

I think this is the repo link Index of /obs/sailfishos:/chum/

Now where is the how-to?

it did foot those, except the android apks and a handful from openrepos

but tide isn’t starting for example

yes but it needs some cpu flags i don’t have for virtualisation and i don’t want to use the pc when i have a laptop. besides it’s nice to try out apps on the go

You can also use gitlab-runner and coderus’ docker images on your laptop to build things.

But really these days OBS Chum is the way to go.

how can i set up docker for the recent sailfish sdk?