Can I CTRL-a, CTRL-c, CTRL-v and more in Sailfish?

Now I finally have a device with Sailfish, I use it all the time.
So I meet situations where I am lost.
Today, I had a long text file to copy and paste into a web form.

On My N900, I did CTRL-a, CTRL-c, from a text editor.

But here (XA2 4.3), I tried some editors (GoAlexander and Seabass) and cat in terminal but didn’t find the way.
Terminal seem not to scroll up when I select and I didn’t find how to copy in the editors neither.
Would you have an editor to recommend? Or did I miss a trick?
or, I’d love that → Could I tweak a kb file to add the CTRL key, you think?

EDIT: Now it turned into a FR, I sum up what the feature would be:
Add these keys to the keyboard:

  • sticky CTRL key on the software keyboard.
  • arrow keys to navigate

And why not sticky Shift key to be able to select words with arrows?

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In the terminal you can open the option menu, activate selection mode and copy and paste from that menu. In Silica apps you can copy text by long pressing and paste with the little paste icon on top of the keyboard (i.e. in the Notes app).

(Or are you talking about a physical keyboard?)

Thanks @KuroNeko, yes that’s what I expected too.

But in terminal, (selection ON) I can select what is displayed but can’t scroll up, the same in Seabass.
Retried in Editor, it’s right, it works… I must have made sth wrong.

Yes, I was talking about physical keyboard on N900 and screen kb in SF.
But still, a CTRL into SF keyboard would be cool, no? In example, to jump one word back, CTRL + Arrow… well I guess I am dreaming :–), nodays smartphone use is not thought that way.

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You are so right. ctrl-i for tab, ctrl-m for return, ctrl-n, ctrl-p,ctrl-b, ctrl-f coming to mind as well

Moved this to feature requests!!!

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Ok, would be great.
In the mean time, Would the system understand a CTRL signal from SWKB like it does in SF terminal?