Can i buy two licenses for two devices on one Jolla account?

Pls help!!! Can i buy another license for another device using one Jolla account??? Or i must create a new account for each other?

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(Actually, I think that is documented.)

P.S. / Edit:
As @peterleinchen pointed out there might be reasons to use a different Jolla account for each device.
In addition to the reasons he mentioned, that also allows you to opt-in and -out of Jolla’s “Early Access (EA)” beta programme individually for each device, because this setting affects all devices under one Jolla account.


Yes, you can…

Only One thing (other see @olf’s edit above) is to think about is if you plan or may want to sell that device later with SFOS license you should use a different account that you can give away then together with that device (else you cannot sell it with SFOS license).

another issue I see with multiple licenses for multiple devices on one account is that you cannot control which license is bound to which device?
So in case you have really multiple X devices and buy a new license to which device the license will get bound.
This is still unclear to me.
So I advise to turn off all free X devices, buy the license and then start only the one you want this license on, configure the Jolla account, open Jolla store, reboot and check that the license is bound to this device (you get offered AlienDalvik in store).

Maybe someone from @Jolla can confirm?


Thank you so much for every answer and help. Currently, there are two devices on my account (both are Xperia XA2), the only difference is EMEI and activation date. Only the newer Xperia does not support Android applications and the Aptitude store cannot be installed … I’m afraid that after buying a license, nothing will change on this account and I will only lose money … :frowning: Jolla will recognize the second license itself and bind it to the second phone or will I have to download and reinstall Sailfish on the other phone?

In that case (only two X devices and two licenses everything should work flawlessly under one account.

Just think about above mentioned items.
It would not be a problem to create another account and use it under this one.
So, up to you.

And does the Jolla account only serve as a license carrier or are data synchronized there like in Google?

I am very sorry that I can only count on the support of the community. Unfortunately, Jolla does not answer emails and does nothing to fix the problem. You buy a license, you support the project and you don’t get any support :frowning:

The account only holds info about you, your payments, your devices and licenses afaik.
No other data nor synchronization of personal data (like phone, calendar…).

That may seem true as in this forum you seldom see any ‘official’ statement.

But to be fair when using
you normally get an answer (sometimes not immediately but in days). Especially if it is about license or device care this would be the offical (preferred) channel.
How did you contact Jolla?

3 Likes i send emai.

This is a basically non-issue:
Note that licenses usually are model-specific, hence the theoretical issue only arises, if you own exactly the same model twice and flash both of them with a licensed SailfishOS.
Practically each device become assigned to a license and that is it.

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Yes, that is what I meant. But regarding exactly the same model:
afair you buy the license model specific (e.g. XA2) but not type specific (dualSIM, Plus, Ultra). So you may have different phones with same license needed?

One would expect an answer if this e-mail address s valid and mail was delivered, agreed.

But official support (Jolla care) is via
and here you definitely will get an answer…


Yes, and I have that with two of my many SFOS-devices under one Jolla account.
Works! (That is what I am trying to say here.)

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