Camera issue after using it then trying to use it in an android app

When I use my camera to take a picture then close the app then try to use my camera in another app I end up having to reboot to get it to work in the 2nd app. It seems this is a new issue, but may have been there all along. Also seems to be an issue if I use the camera then try to use it shortly after in anothe app. If it sits a while I have not noticed it.

Primarily it gives me trouble when I go to scan to pay for something, but tonight It wouldn’t work in signal.

I am using the stock camera app and this happens with android apps if that means anything.

Thanks in advance!

This often happens for me with Signal messenger. Switching front/back camera in native camera app sometimes help. Also, opening and closing camera within Signals may help. Next, it’s worth trying to open and close camera within WhatsApp or another Android app.

I know, all of that is not really a solution, but a painful way to regain control of the camera. Jolla often promised fixes; it has improved, but not completely fixed for me.


Thank you for the work around. I will give that a try.

Actually, in another thread there was a hint by @attah that resolved this camera issue on my XA2+: Camera App Failing to find main camera hardware - #2 by attah

I have this issue also. And the problem is the Android Signal app.If you open camera settings in Signal everything works nice the first time (if you dont meddle around with switching between front, back camera) . Its enough that you open the camera in Singnal after that camera gets black screen in all android camera software. It works fine in sailfish native apps. Sadly for me “dconf reset…” didn’t help so its still reeboot for me.

Could add that this has for me been an issue for me on Xperia III since i installed Signal and updates to the app has not fixed any. Never had this on my Xperia II, so it seems to be a Signal - Android layer - camera driver issue. For Xperia III


Have you tried restarting the Android App Support instead of rebooting?

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On my xperia 10 iii the native apps have no problem using the camera, but ALL android apps i tried fail to access the camera. Open Camera (android) reported “FAILED TO OPEN CAMERA, IT MAY BE IN USE BY ANOTHER APPLICATION”.
If anyone has a solution, please let me know. The use of banking apps is without camera access just a no go, because there is no workaround. With social media apps you can always use your native camera but it’s still annoying.
None of these problems occurred on my xperia 10.

If i close the sfos camera app, i can actually use the camera in signal. But flipping it to the front camera causes a black image and when flipping back it stays black. I need to stop app support, start it again. Then the first start of an android app times out but after that it works again.

xperia 10iii