Camera issue after using it then trying to use it in an android app

When I use my camera to take a picture then close the app then try to use my camera in another app I end up having to reboot to get it to work in the 2nd app. It seems this is a new issue, but may have been there all along. Also seems to be an issue if I use the camera then try to use it shortly after in anothe app. If it sits a while I have not noticed it.

Primarily it gives me trouble when I go to scan to pay for something, but tonight It wouldn’t work in signal.

I am using the stock camera app and this happens with android apps if that means anything.

Thanks in advance!

This often happens for me with Signal messenger. Switching front/back camera in native camera app sometimes help. Also, opening and closing camera within Signals may help. Next, it’s worth trying to open and close camera within WhatsApp or another Android app.

I know, all of that is not really a solution, but a painful way to regain control of the camera. Jolla often promised fixes; it has improved, but not completely fixed for me.

Thank you for the work around. I will give that a try.