Camera Development with Facial Recognition. Images edit features

I would like to chip in and make the OS more user friendly and allow us to have better apps then Android. I have used IOS for a while and the things that get people to buy IOS is the Friendliness and also how the apps have good .quality. I would like to make the feature where we can edit  images that will be in the photo app I want the customers to have features that a camera would have. If we put this on a good phone with a great camera it would be awesome. I also want to create another app like FaceTime. I want an app where users can connect with each other. These apps have to work only on SailFish. Making them part of the installation. I don't want to use third party tools because that is not the intention. Making SailFish another OS that can compete with IOS would be great. I don't believe in What Google and IOS are doing to suppress people and IDeas. I feel the OS should yes make sure code is not buggy or hackable and content should be somewhat watched but we should have another OS that will give us freedom of speech and I see Sailfish as a contender.

Maaaan, make your post readable. Till then!

Regarding image editing, though it might not be the fanciest or fastest app out there, Imageworks on Openrepos (e.g. download via Storeman app) offers quite a lot in terms of functionality. And if you need some super-unique feature, you may just get in contact with me. :wink:


I have a question. Why your apps are not in the store (official)? Not allowed??

Only partially … when I included some basic functionality like sharing, which is not allowed in harbour, I just focused on openrepos. Furthermore I requested to have my older and possibly buggy versions removed from harbour - mainly to not force someone to download old apps thinking it would be a safer version of the same app. So I guess with some help and functionality reduction it could be possible to make them harbour compatible. But here I am, aware of my shortcomings as a non-programmer. :slight_smile: