Camera button on Xperia 10 iii

Hi All,
I put SFOS 4.5 on an xperia 10 iii without bothering to use it in loathsome Android for anything other than getting the IMEI.

The handset has four hardware buttons down its right-side:

  • 2x volume buttons
  • Power button + fingerprint reader
  • Camera button (or I assume that’s what it is).

The camera button doesn’t respond to any kind of press.

Is it implemented in SFOS (fine if not), or is it a hardware problem on that handset, does anyone know?

It is not a Camera button but Google Assistant button (useless on SFOS). There is a thread with several different methods to make use of that button:

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This is great.
I’ll have a read of this…

Can’t believe I’ve survived all these years without a “google assistant” button on my phone.

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I myself use the patched mce to use the button as a flashlight, works great.

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