Camera App: Cannot use WIFI-code (special format not supported?)

Hi, I tried to get connected to a WIFI by using the default Camera App of Jollastore.

I enabled: Settings > apps > Camera > “Recognition of QR-codes”, took some photos of the code, but it didn’t work; after taking a picture nothing happens, that would indicate that a QR-Code is recognised.

Has the tested QR-code an unsupported format or what could I do to use this function?

Phone: Xperia 10 III, SF


Tested code:

That’s probably a weird code too… but the feature as such [parsing the code and sending it off to settings] also just isn’t there.
You are not supposed to need to take a picture, it should just find it.

Since it is a nice feature, and seems easy to implement (add a parser and hook in to existing infrastructure), a definite +1 from me.

I assumed that, because I could enable it in the app settings ;-).

You don’t have to take a picture of the qr code. If the feature is enabled, and a qr code is recognized by focusing it, a special symbol appears on the screen that opens a dialogue. But it does not work to connect wifi, only urls.

Ok, my camera can recognize a QR-code. I would appreciate, if the appearing symbol could be greater or colored.
The WIFI-code mentioned above is not recognized. This WIFI-code is generated by a very common router from in Germany.