Calendar colour tabs

so let me guess… we cant add calendars to the calendar??

I guess you should use search function at this forum.


thanks but i did not know you could search… but sailfish fails at the basics again.

And I am sure you won’t miss the opportunity to tell us you’re just a normal user, not a programmer and SF is so very bad.

Man, life can be so sad, sometimes even boring.


If you sync your calendar with a free cloud account you can add new calendars/colours through the cloud account provider. I used I don’t need the sync, I just set it up so I could add new colours!

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ok Thanks for that tip. I will give that a try.

Hi I gave you a thumbs up because you made me laugh and I have no ill will toward you.

But a correction… I never wrote sailfish is bad. I wrote the QA is a real horror show these last two or 3 versions.

Honestly I think Sailfish can be pretty bad***ed if the developer would actually…and I hate to write this tech world bs mantra … but if the developers would listen to its user community even just a little. They totally ignore their community. If they put on their home page that people that use Sailfish are just along for the ride that would be one thing… no expectations, but they totally mislead people into thinking this an attempt at truly making a competitive yet different os.

Remember …we handicapped our highly functional phones for sailfish.

As stated before Sailfish is not bad… but its barley usable with these latest batch of bugs for some of us. Making it less a competitive alternative to a nightmare.

The dev team has not listened to the people that have been supporting them and or asking them for help.

Remember some of us have been burn by these guys before with the phoney tablet for money scheme… seems kinda like the same thing all over again…

So not bad… but definitely shady.

I know for me having the ability to go a few version back would be great. But sailfish team does not respond to that request as far as I can tell. The phone was stable back then.