Calendar-App does not show remote calendars

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Currently I’m unable to connect my SailfishPhone properly to any remote Calendars. Neither Caldav (with Zimbra Server) nor Google-Calendar.

Setting up the accounts seems to work fine as all calendars from the server are shown in the Account-Configuration. But in the calendar app the calendars are not visible (mange calendars shows only personal events and birthdays).

Is there any way to reset the calendar database and make the remote calendars visible to sailfishos again?

If you can create the account and the calendars are listed. Then, the issue is coming from a failing sync attempt.

For CalDAV accounts, you may gather logs from failed sync attempts following instructions in this wiki page:
Then, you can copy-paste here relevant parts of the log, particularly the parts where the error is mentioned.

In case you would like to nuke the calendar database, close the calendar app and remove or rename the following file ~/.local/share/system/privileged/Calendar/mkcal/db. I’m not sure that it will help, I more inclined to think that the issue is coming from the CalDAV sync, with an event that cannot be imported, blocking the full process. See this thread about about possiblity in the future to better handle these cases : Calendar sync should continue with next item on error

The Upgrade to 3.4 solved the issue. Now all Calendars are visible. Thanks.

Due to VPN bug in 3.4 I had to downgrade to so the upgrade solution is not for me :slight_smile: Is there any way to fix this calendar issue in please ?