CalDAV setup problem

After update to, People and Calendar do not sync from my server by CalDAV/CardDAV protocol.
When I try to refresh or setup again, get an error message: “The network request was unsuccessful.”
I can reach the server with browser from my phone (Xperia XA2) and other device (eg. my computer) works fine in network.

I appreciate any idea, how to get working this function again.


Over here syncing against Radicale works without any problems, so more information is needed:

  • which server?
  • is TLS involved?
  • are proxies (e.g. nginx) used?

Some ideas how to debug the problem come to mind:

  • check server logs
  • trace the network traffic (tcpdump/wireshark)


I’m also syncing over Radicale and I can recall problems while setting up the accounts.

I would start checking whether the server is reached by the CalDAV/CardDAV client, either in the server or using some tool like tcpdump. And if the server is not reached, I would reboot the device before trying again to configure the accounts.

If you have your own server a few more bits of information would help to pinpoint the problem.

Best regards.