Buying Sailfish X in Russia


I am a citizen of Russia. How i can buy Sailfish X if my country no in allowed list ?

Thank you!

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use some free EU vpn

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Hello @remote!
Thanks you. I will try.

I tried connect to over TOR.
I tried payment and got message: “here was a problem with your payment. Please try again!”
I used debit card (mastercard)

Problem in TOR or russian bank ?

Inoi is offering devices powered by Sailfish OS or like it is called in Russia Aurora OS. I would like the opposite, to buy such a tablet, but its not possible outside Russia :smiley: :’(

I think Aurora OS is only for government or corporate clients. I was also thinking on the same tablet :slight_smile:

I have Xperia 10 mark 2 and simple want buyed license on Sailfish X. (my Jolla1 very old and Xperia good device). Install now triall version on xperia.

don’t use tor for this
use vpn/vps proxy in a standard browser
non-EU bank cards are accepted with no problems

@remote Very Thank you :)))
Over vpn accepted.