buy sailfish x outside the european region

i’m in asia, & i want to use paid sailfish x for my device (xperis xa2), but the website says “Sailfish X is currently available in the countries of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland (“Authorized Countries”) and the use of our website and services to purchase Sailfish X outside of the Authorized Countries is prohibited.” is there a solution so i can buy sailfish x?

Yes, VPN tunnel to an European country .


Just for the sake of extra information, please take 5 - 10 minutes of your time to peruse this forum using the tag XA2 in search.

There are so many problems (it seems) with this particular device. Most if not all of the major problems appear to be centered around the XA2 ~ I’m sure not all XA2 users will agree and I do not own an XA2 either, so this is just a potential heads up and should not be misconstrued as “don’t bother!” or “stay away!”

It is evident that none of the Sony devices behave perfectly under SFOS, but some do seem better than others, as a quick example; I have the Sony Xperia 10 ii running free SFOS, I cannot report any serious problems, but I also note that I have no SIM in my device and no Android compatibility layer. Many complaints seem to be centered around calling and that Android apps are not behaving correctly/are missing features.

Silent calls, meaning neither party can hear each other - this is a fundamental problem, after all, a phone is for PHONING people!, but not everyone reports this problem or the like.

I guess, as per all comments/questions/bugs, YMMV!

Good luck!

That sounds very strong :slight_smile: I have been using an XA2 for 2 years now and the “no sound on call” has happened to me maybe 5 times. Yes, it is very annoying, but no reason to not use Sailfish, not for me at least.
There are people for who this happens more, but also people for who it hasn’t happened at all.

I assume Labbaika98 already flashed the device, so he or she can test it already on regular phone use. And indeed, a VPN would be the easiest way to buy a commercial license.

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Silent calls can also come from the network. Sometimes this happens, also on other phones or the fixed net (POTS). In my case, it sometimes happend, but not more frequently on SFOS than on other phones.

Just a little more perspective on my original comments, regarding where I said “there are so many problems with this device”. . . .

I decided to actually search bug reports for the Xperia XA2 and Xperia 10 II, there are approximately 60 bug reports for Xperia 10 ii and approximately 127 for Xperia XA2. I also realise the XA2 has been on the scene a little longer which my well be why there are double the amount of bug reports or is it a case of a more problematic device?, Sony’s own forums are not exactly quiet either for ALL of their devices, some more than others,…a common theme maybe.

Well, you probably need to look at the severity and impact of those bug reports rather than just the raw number (i.e. a few really serious ones can have much more impact on the usability and reliability of a device than a multitude of really minor ones). From where I stand the XA2 seems far more usable and reliable (GPS aside) than the X10ii, but then I have an XA2 and not a X10ii … Obviously there will be common bugs across all SFOS devices (where the bug relates to the main SFOS OS software) and device specific where it relates to the hardware adaptation. Iys probably a case of 6 of one vs half a dozen of the other. …

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