Buy it once, use forever?

Hello people,

Am I right in thinking I need to buy SFOS once and everything works forever on that one device? Including android compatible layer? I’d like to buy a Xperia 10-3.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

5-7 years could be expected
at some point they might not update the layer.
so will stick to e.g. android 11
they stopped support sfos for some devices due to diff architecture
and some bugs may just never be fixed.
but as we are now all on 64 bit…


Thank you for your reply. Not updating after a couple years is to be expected. As long as it doesn’t stop working after a year because I need to renew license or something like that.

Jolla 1 had updates for 7 years
Jolla C is 6 years old abd still getting updates.
So you can expect many years of updates


Most low and mid price Android phones never get any update. On SFOS, every half year there come real advances in stability and functionality.
Thank you Jolla!


Please note that, specifically to the X10III, some users including myself are still unable to use mobile data due to some mysterious bug with some mobile carriers, effectively making the phone useless.


That sounds really good, thank you!

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Ah okay, personally I wouldn’t use mobile data anyway so it’s no problem for me.

Everything is working forever? What a funny question! But seriously, there are things that never worked on older devices, for example volte and fast charging. So i am still waiting, may be christmas present will arrive this year…

Don’t hold your breath. :wink: