Buy a Xperia XA2 or a 10 iii (right now, 10.10.2022)

I need a replacement device and am a bit torn between buying again an XA2 (same as my existing phone which I like a lot) or a newer 10 iii.

Looking :eye: for advice :diya_lamp:

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What reasons do you have to hesitate getting the 10 III?
It is the best hardware out there with official support.
And for once the uplift in performance was significant between generations.
It is smaller than the XA2 in all dimensions except height.


Personally i would not consider xa2 at all. I would go for 10iii despite the extra cost, height, and possibly higher resolution camera.

I personally don’t like the format of the 10 at all. For me, the only thing that would be interesting would be the new large battery if my XA2+ were to wear out.
If the xa2+ were new, the decision would also be difficult for me

I also don’t like the 10 format (in theory, no practical experience).

Thanks for the feedbacks, probably I’ll go with the 10iii. Not least because Android is newer (and I depend on Brave).

why not considering 10 II ?
I think it is better than the XA2
I see many issues reported with 10 III

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Seems like I’ll go with a 10i due to a very generous offer. Later, in some years hopefully a iv which is waterproof [Edit: iii is also IP68]

Xperia 10 was the imho
thin plastic, would bend easily, display did not respond often and you had to bend it to make touch work again and finally charging 1.5 a day

maybe i just had a bad one

its 32 bit.also

XA2 all days in the week. I was very happy with the XA2 but went with the 10 iii. Big mistake. Yes, faster and snappier. But I never had so many problems with a phone as that one. Now I’m back on a brand new XA2. Much better format also. Very nice for me with not so great vision.

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uh, oh… but thanks for all the posts, interesting :thinking:

I had the X, the XA2 and I now have a 10 III. The XA2 was nice until the GPS antennas degraded. But I am happy with my 10 III.

i miss my X, the form factor and feeling was so nice. I recently switched to a 10III (from a 10ii, and an XA2 before), and the jump in performances is astonishing, even with AD apps - very welcome!

I gave my XA2 to my husband.He is satisfied with it. I use the 10 III. Is faster than the XA2, camera is also better. However the sound of the XA2 is better. I don’t like the ratio of the 10III but it is certainly more futureproof than the former models.
The 10III has other apps in Jolla Store than the older models. Many apps disappeared, because they haven’t been updated to 64bit.

I also have an XA2+ that I often use at home because I like the ratio, the screen and the sound.

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Maybe a feedback. After having used XA2 and 10, I prefer XA2 (due to better buttons and ratio).

I have one such reason not to get one. Data do not work with my provider, as well as with several others, and after 6 months from reporting and 12 from purchase my X10III is still a paperweight.

Another feedback:
i am using the 10iii for one week now. Unfortunally my 10compact got broken.
The installation worked verry smooth. There was already Android11 on it, so I had no problems with downgrading or something like that. The first positive surprise was, how fast I adapted the new ratio. The difference between these two phones looks greater as it is. Maybe because the screenlength differs about 2cm, but the enclosure only 1cm.
Concernig the useability I have nothing to blame. Everything works much faster. No Problem with mobile data, calls, SMS, MMS, GPS or anything else. Out of my point of view till now a very very useable phone.
What I have to mention: Volte is not activated till now.
So my subjective advice: if your actual phone is struggling just jump to the Xiii. 5G and Volte will be able in a few months, and I hope the device will be a long runner as long as it will be supported by updates.


The original X (32 bit) is still an excellent phone on SFOS, though browsing with the default browser isn’t “great”. I’d use it over a 10i any day. I have a 10iii in “testing” but it seems the issue count is greater than I am willing to tolerate on a daily basis at the moment.

32 bit SFOS is pretty stable these days (I am on

It works great, I am on the last version on X

I’m happy with the10ii.