Building Irssi rpm on X10II

Dear Community
Could someone please help me or guide me building Irssi with Irssi-fish on the device for arm64? Seems I am too stupid, I have the rpm build tools and the source but fail to .make

szopin isn’t around any more

I’m still around but don’t have aarch64 device. You can just download the sources, install gcc, gcc-c++, make, rpm, rpm-build, meego-rpm-config libstdc+±devel (possibly more depending on the errors you get) and from terminal just make and then make install in the sources dir (make install will require root), no need to build rpms, but if you want can share the dir structure/spec files I used for the arm build
edit: this howto still works just skip any btrfs commands as that was useful on jolla 1 only HowTo: Install a chroot for building apps - but for CLI apps is not even needed (does help with GUI apps as there was some mess with mesa graphical dev libs conflicting with libhybris on device)

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cooool, thx dude ! ! !

Sailfish OS Is there an Android app?

there is 'IRC for Android", including fish, but not cbc and ecb and unreliable. Usability is good but I prefer IRSSI over everything else as soon as you’re used to it.