Building an app for arm is super slow

since a week the build of an app targeting arm is super slow.
seems like waiting for a timeout. error message is here:

error: db4 error(11) from dbenv->open: Resource temporarily unavailable
error: cannot open Packages index using db4 - Resource temporarily unavailable (11)
error: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm
Target initialization failed:
Rpm Exception

building for x86 and emulator is as quick as usual.
any ideas ?

running on elemenatoryos

Could you give us a little bit more details about your setup? Which SDK version are you using? Are you using Docker or VirtualBox build engine? It would also help if you could give us access to the sources for your project so we could try building it ourselves.

Hi @vige
here the details:

Qt Creator 4.9.1 (Sailfish SDK 3.1.7)

Built on Apr 29 2020 16:33:43

i am using VirtualBox, build Target

in SailfishOS folder is the pro file

REM: the last thing that i did, i have added settings support (3.5 version)

Is your host OS Windows 10 2004 with WSL2 and Virtualization feature enabled? This combination does not work well.

no, i am running on elementaryos (linux) and all was fine untill last week

I should have read your problem description properly before starting to ask silly questions, but nevertheless I verified that I can build your package with that exact SDK/build engine/target combination without issues. Those error messages hint that the rpm database in your build target has been somehow corrupted. I think the easiest solution for you is probably upgrade to install the target again. Well, you can’t exactly easily reinstall it as it was installed as part of the SDK, but you can install the EA target, which at the moment happens to be the same version.

The easiest way to install the EA target is with command sfdk install SailfishOS-

Or you can just reinstall the SDK. Or upgrade it, but as we have an annoying bug (SDK 3.2: linker failure (regression)) in the latest released SDK, I can’t really recommend upgrading at the moment.

This apparent corruption of arbitrary data within the VM led me to the suspicion of Windows 10 2004 being involved. For those who develop on Windows 10, please avoid enabling the Virtual Machine Platform feature, which in turn is required when enabling WSL2. It’ll break VirtualBox virtualization.

i had issues on windows 10: super slow build 3-5 minuntes plus.
so when i got a new laptop i put linux on it.
now it was all fine until lately.

to me it seems it appeared when i was working without wifi on a beach a week ago.
i went to home/…/sailfishos/bin and run there ./sfdk install but get unrecognized cmd

Sorry, I dropped one important part of the command out. It should have been sfdk tools install ...

missed your last message, and broke the system during update from gui. however did a re-install. works now again as expected.
thanks !