Build keeps failing using a freshly installed SDK

I haven’t been able to get the SDK to work on my new Fedora 36 laptop since last summer. The installation works fine and I can launch the SDK, open the project and configure it all ok. But when I try to trigger a build, I keep getting a ”Error running command on the build engine: Remote process crashed.” error. The build engine is running (on Docker) and it seems that the SDK can also connect to it, but then something happens. Running docker logs on the build engine container doesn’t show any log entries.

Any ideas where to start figuring out this problem? It’d be nice to be able to update my applications.

I think you hit the bug with too low nproc limit set under the build engine. Consider upgrading to SDK 3.10 which has been released to Early Access users just a while ago - [Release notes] Sailfish SDK 3.10 [Early Access] - and which comes with this issue fixed.

Should it be not an option right now to update for you, you can raise the limits manually in your current installation:

Start the build engine either from Qt Creator or with the help of sfdk:

sfdk engine start

Enter the build engine container the raw way:

docker container exec -i -t "sailfish-sdk-build-engine_$USER" bash -i

Edit the limits

vim /etc/security/limits.d/95-nproc-sdk.conf

Replace 4096 with, e.g., 8192.

If that was really the issue, you should see the effect immediately.

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Nice, I upgraded to the EA version and it seems to be working. Thanks!

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