Build in Mail Program - marking mails for later

It was a show stopper for me in 2015 and it is still.
I am using IMAP and I can’t mark a mail with the build in mail program. The equivalent in Thunderbird is the yellow star you can set in front of a mail in the overview. To my knowledge Sailfish Mail is the only mail program without this capability.

For me, this functionality is essential. I read mails on the go on my phone, but I don’t answer them. Back at my computer, I filter the marked mails and process them. After I am finished with a mail, I remove the mark.

Did I miss something or is this feature really missing?
And if it is missing, why?



What you are talking about is the IMAP “Message Flag” feature, specifically the \Flagged flag.

You are right that the SFOS email program does not support this, although by my guess implementing shouldn’t be too complicated, as in the protocol it’s very similar to the read/unread status.

To flesh out this feature request, from here it looks like these would have to be done:

  1. add a “flagged” property along with read and set methods to Nemo.Email plugin (similar to read/unread)
  2. show flagged messages differently in the email list view (bold? highlight colour? star icon?)
  3. add UI option to set/unset the flag (again, similar to read/unread), preferrably everywhere where we can now set read/unread manually