Build Engine does not start on Windows with latest VirtualBox

During the latest SDK testing rounds we have found an issue with the latest VirtuaBox (version 6.1.26) and Windows: When headless virtual machines are shut down, they do not shut down cleanly. There will be some VirtualBox processes left running, which reserve resources.

This effectively prevents the build engine from starting again, until the processes are terminated manually, or the machine is rebooted. The processes can be terminated via Task Manager - search for “VirtualBox Headless Frontend”

While waiting for a fix, we recommend you to use the VirtualBox version 6.1.24.

This is evident, when I shut my PC down last night, I got one notification that VirtualBox was still running, strange as I had shut down the SDK many many hours earlier.

I have found that closing the SDK and opening again then allows VB to start correctly, but this usually means emulator takes forever to get up and running, which I find I have to stop it and start it again. I’m amazed at how fragile the SDK seems to be, I still spend more time getting the damn thing to do its job than I do publishing stuff!