Build engine Docker image removed after pruning images

I accidentally deleted the build engine Docker container after running docker image prune -a (or docker container prune, I don’t know anymore) to clean up lots of unused Docker images, but it took the build engine container with it. Is there a way to quickly re-add it or do I need to download and run the installer once again?

Ouch. If you really removed the image, there’s absolutely no hope. If you “only” removed the container, you could theoretically recreate it from the image, but the process does not exactly fit the definition of “quickly re-add”. So I’m afraid your best option is indeed to reinstall.

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Oh well, for a reinstall I’ll go then. I’ll be back after I’ve clicked 50 times on the ignore button when the message “cannot connect to the build engine” shows up in the deinstaller :wink:

i believe I’ve first pruned the containers, followed by pruning the system images, meaning that indeed the image is gone.