[BUG] SailfishSDK target wont build nothing

have this error…

sfdk engine exec sb2 -t SailfishOS- make
[D] SOFT ASSERT: "!targetHasSnapshots" in file ../../../../sailfish-qtcreator/src/libs/sfdk/buildengine.cpp, line 722
/usr/bin/make: /usr/bin/make: cannot execute binary file

how can i reset all sfdk targets? ( SDK with docker. how to reset sailfish-os-build-engine docker container? )

wow )
i found a nice way to reset sailfish-os-build-engine, i just use portainer, and push recreate button, that all, now it works well again )
but, who can me explain me, which target i should use for my custom build scripts:
SailfishOs- or SailfishOs-, in which taget i should install dependencies and build rpms ?

Could you please read the introductory sections in sfdk --help-all, from the start up to “Clean Builds” (inclusively) and tell us whether that answers your question?

the problem is already fixed… but i’ll try this, and look into target, is it cleanup or not