BUG in Connman documentation

Path to connam configuration changed a little and is out of date on this site connman - Sailfish OS

Site states that patch to Connman config is /var/lib/connman/ but it’s


Xperia 10 / SFOS 4.2 / new flashed (“defaultuser”) -

My connman config is still at /etc/connman/main.conf . Did I miss something?

Probably /var/lib/connman/ are global settings but /home/defaultuser/.local/share/system/privileged/connman/ are user settings.
But it’s worth to mention that in documentation.

And where are your saved networks?

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I suggest to mention that devices flashed with images before a certain date, have nemo instead of defaultuser… Even if one upgrades OTA…

@amaretzek you are right you and all my devices have nemo user instead of defaultuser.
I just want to show that documentation is out of date.

well actually non-user specific stuff should be in /home/.system/var/lib/connman nowadays .

No access to directory “privileged” as user “nemo” with file browser. Didn’t try now as “devel su”, but I’m shure, the saved networks will be there… :wink:

try devel-su -p, that gets you “privileged” but not root access.

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