[BUG ?] [] Dalviks/Android App sometimes lost Internet connection

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 80%
HARDWARE (XA2, Xperia 10…): XA2+


Sometimes ( i think when i change network wifi->4G , or enable VPN) many (not all) android applications lost their internet connection (like Telegram, Element, maybe some other apps, but i dont catch them) (or maybe all applications). When i restart my internet connection ( disable and enable wifi, disable and enable mobile data, or fully disable any connections and enable again) it catch internet connection and work a while.


Really dont know …


Cant reproduce it manually. When i try just disable WiFi, or Enable VPN - it just work. Lost connection happens when you don’t wait it…


Internet should work always on every Android Application


Some Android Applictions lost internet access


If i can get some logs, or addition inforamtion. please tell me how. :tipping_hand_man:


I have the same problem with XA2, not EA.
Add Firefox to the list.
For me unique solution is to restart android app support and disable/enable mobile connection.
Reproducibility…all day!


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I’ve changed to a 10 ii with 4.1 and experience this problme regularly now. So, I’m not sure, whether it is due to the update to 4.1 or the upgrade to the 10 ii. It usually happens when I’m in areas with poor 4G signal. It seems that connectivity will not be restored once lost.

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i always lost internet when it connect to wifi …

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Restarting Android App Support does not always solve this issue. Sometimes, the phone needs to be restarted.

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I experience the same issue on my xperia 10 II (recently installed). As it happens randomly, I didn’t managed to collect any logs yet.
Most of the times, restarting the network via the “Sailfish Utilities” is sufficient to restore the network connection.

I’m not sure if this is related, but the Android Support was also lagging heavily at one point (the phone took a long time to even display the window of an Android Apps) and could only be resolved by a reboot of the phone.


Happens to me as well. All android apps lose mobile data connection, after a while. I’m usually on the road, so I do a restart to solve the problem, whenever I have to use an android app. It’s not that bad, but still a nuisance (especially, when you run into a traffic jam). I’ve got a 10 II and the latest SFOS, quite a shame, really (and the browser’s still crap, can’t even see, what I’m typing here, but that’s another issue altogether)

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Same for me (Xperia 10). Mostly noticeable when in buildings with poor network signal. When 4G gets lost and reconnects later the bug occurs reproducibly.

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That may be a first lead. I got the impression that this mostly occurs when I leave the house and the phone switches from wifi to mobile data. But I can’t pinpoint it yet, because it only rarely happens.
Being related to changes / losses in the data connection and failing to handle reconnects sounds plausible.

Same problem here, from time to time I have to disconnect from WiFi and connect again.

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I experience the same problem with XA2 single SIM, Restarting network connection from Sailfish Utilities (Jolla Store) once or twice always works for me, though.

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I do see the same on my 10 II. If the internet is gone it is usually gone for all apps, not only Android. Statusbar usually shows good signal strength. I only see that my internet connection was lost because I get a bunch of notices that one of my email accounts could not be reached.
Reconnection through Settings → Mobile Network and then turning of internet helps in most cases but not always.

Hope this gets fixed in the next release.

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[ ] Bug is here, when connect to WiFi from 4G, internet connection for Android App are Lost

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[] I still have this bug. But it is not limited to Android apps. I lose my internet connection completely wenn I disable WiFi or move outside of my WiFi area. If I toggle mobile data(?) from the top menu a couple of times it will come back.

Today I had issues again and found out that I had internet connection after turning off WiFi AND mobile data. I also checked the settings and they say that my mobile data is turned off.


[], Xperia XA2 Plus.
This bug is still manifesting on my device, is this (still) the place to file it?

When: reconnecting from 4G to 4G+Wifi.
What: Android apps often loose network connection.

  1. start - stop Aliendalvik.
  2. disconnect, disable Wifi (and use 4G-only)

It will get better on the 4.4.0 release…