BTRFS boot support in hybris-boot.img on recent devices?


Does the hybris-boot.img boot firmware that ships in Sailfish X for current devices (e.g.: Xperia 10 III ) has the necessary features in its init ramdisk to boot an installation with single BTRFS partition and root & home subvolumes (like done on Jolla 1, Jolla Tablet, etc.) or is it exclusively only working on LVM with dual home and root ext4 partitions?

I am wondering if it is possible to still use the stock boot-image and just change what is on the userdata partition, or whether one needs to rebuilt a new specific alternate boot image (and rebuild it after each Sailfish OS update).

I’m way less proficient digging Android stuff than classic GNU/Linux, so I kind of hope that somebody else has looked into it.

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If it helps… the tablet does not appear to be using BTRFS.
What are you trying to achieve?

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Just trying to find a lazy way to:

  • run my smartphone with BTRFS+subvolumes instead of the official LVM+dual EXT4 (Yes, I know it’s probably not officially supported since the original Jolla 1),
  • but in a way that wouldn’t require me to patch/rebuild the hybris-boot.img whenever there is a new Sailfish X kernel update.

On a bare bone ARM device that runs uboot, I would now how to edit the extlinux.conf to exactly achieve that (I’ve switched the Manjaro running on my PineBook Pro this way), but I am not familiar enough the Android boot process nor with tweaking .img files.

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It’s a shame that the recent devices use ext4, btrts did a solid job IMO, balancing taken into account. Btrfs has come a long way since those days, and having used it in my daily driver computers for >2y for now, I can say it was worked flawlessly.