BT destruction coincidence thread

My 1200km drive in the Toyota HiLux MY2020.

Yesterday, I had connected my SFOS 10iii to it and tested that the music worked. I even tested a phone call. Today, it wouldn’t connect at all when I got started, so I had to unpair it and start from scratch. I manged to get it to pair after several attempts, got some music and set off.

Then I made a phone call. Bad move …

The call crashed on connection to the other end, and that was it. The phone got disconnected from the media centre and now the entire media system is borked. Nothing can connect to it (iPhone or Android), the GPS Navigation is in endless wheels of death and most of the options are greyed out or permanently unresponsive, so it isn’t possible to do anything at all, except run the radio.

The truck has been stopped and started multiple times for gas, but the media centre is still in borked mode, and the reset instructions from the internet are inoperative due to all the greyed out options.

I may disconnect the battery (or a fuse) and see if a hard boot fixes things.

This may be the first time in recorded history that a BT device borks a car media centre totally.

As we say in the business, YMMV


Sounds like you’ll have to pull the fuse/battery to give it a hard reset… Seems really odd that it happened in the first place. You may want to let the manufacturer know about that, it could be something worth fixing at their end. (Or you have a faulty car audio system, can’t yet rule that out…)

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On my Toyota I can soft reboot the radio / screen by holding the volume button in for 30 seconds.
Are all the physical buttons stuck / non responsive?

There are no buttons. The whole unit is a flat screen.

It rather sounds as if the car audio system is not able to catch certain BT protocol failures/interruptions. Or in other words, the BT protocol failure has left the car audio system in an unstable (unexpected) state.

Even though BT in SFOS is far away from being perfect, I would not blame it (entirely) on the phone.

A hard boot should help. I would disconnect the battery for a couple hours, rather than the fuse.

I would prefer removing the fuse on a modern car!
Otherwise, it is likely that you have to register the battery on the car again.

I can make a bet they won’t care about it especially if it will turn out a “fuse pull” would fix the problem.

There’s always solution:

then it would be nice to go to the dealer shop and ask them to fix this. It’s insane this is needed to replace battery. That’s against customers.