Browser UI discussion

The browser is getting better (newer engine) at last. However it seems to have a few usability issues that make it feel a bit cumbersome to use.

So i am starting this topic to gather the annoyances and suggestions on what would make it better. Please remember that this is a topic about the UI only and not about the missing features (ie add-ons support, enabling feature X etc).

So i’ll kick this with an annoyance of mine: switching from normal browsing to private and back takes too many steps. It could be a lot faster.

Post yours.


Not to mention it’s impossible to switch from normal to private or the other way around if there are no open tabs.

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A few more:

  • I don’t know who proposed it but the idea of swiping on the address bar to move back and forth to pages is awesome and something that should be included. It is a feature in one of the alternative browsers i think.

  • The menu design is a bit confusing. Some elements have text and icon (usually good practice) some are just an icon (not that good of a practice).

  • The way the menu functions are arranged is problematic. You have a row of icons and a column of icons with text. Doesn’t look good.

  • Also the menu shouldn’t handle tabs when you have a tab button on the left that can be used for tab management (long press should be utilized for some functions).


One more thing that i find annoying. The address bar is difficult to reach/modify etc when you enter text due to its position. Moving it on top of the keyboard would improve it immensely.