Browser stops reacting single finger scroll after zooming web page

OS VERSION: 4.4.68


Open a web page with native browser, zoom it and after that one needs to use two fingers to scroll web page



  1. open web page
  2. zoom it


scrolling should work, also opening links is not possible.



I can not reproduce this on

Is this something new?

This is fresh install so I cannot say if this is a regression on Old xperiax does not suffer this issue.

This report needs to be improved. First of all, the web site in question helps in debugging. Certainly, this is not a generic problem.

This happens on every site, actually zooming is not needed, just after 4-5 scroll events and browser does not react single finger events. Scrolling works fine with two fingers. I upgraded Android to the latest 12.xx before installed sfos.

You don’t have a bent Xperia 10 (I), do you?
Please fill in the report fully.

And for completeness: can’t reproduce it either.

With csd test tool you could verify that display is working correctly. Sounds like malfunctioning device. My guess is that there is a dead stripe somewhere on the display.

Settings → System → About Product → tap 3 times build id version number ( Go to all test and run through Display and Touch screen tests.

Csd display tests passed fine. Device is not bent and scrolling/touch events works fine on all other applications, only native browser is affected.

Could you still elaborate your setup a bit more as others are not seeing this?

There should be nothing special on my setup. New Xperia 10 III, used stock android about one week just to be sure that everything works before installed Sailfish_OS-Jolla-
I restored backups from my old XperiaX device using “ln -s defaultuser nemo” trick.

[](List of installed rpms)

Tested with another user and browser works fine so this bug came from XperiaX backup restore. I could try to figure out what setting is causing this quite annoying problem.

Do you have saved passwords or such that you’d not like to loose from browser? If not, then you could try to reset browser profile. History and bookmarks that are visible on the browser user interface will remain still available.

Stop browser
rm -rf $HOME/.local/share/org.sailfishos/browser/.mozilla/
Start browser

Tried that, moved .mozilla folder to .mozilla-buggy and started the browser, bug is still there :disappointed:

Noticed that on buggy user environment font size is really tiny compared to working one. After moved whole browser config folder and restarted session browser started to work normally.

The buggy profile clearly has some garbage in the prefs.js (located under .mozilla).

Here is diff:

Would you mind marking this as “solution” to this problem then?