Browser: Remove cookie warnings and overlays, pls. add compatibility to Firefox addons to stock browser

Jolla!!! Please add compatibility for Firefox addons to stock browser (especially ‘I don’t care about cookies’ and ‘behind the overlay’) or do something else to stop this cookie warnings nightmare!!!

OT: i’m also very curious and thankful for any information about how these addons work, arguments for/against using them, who all gets which data and what else if ‘I don’t care…’ is running on Firefox…


I hope they don’t do something like this, because I don’t really want to give up choice about cookies…

But supporting Firefox-Extensions would be nice indeed


Yes @Schniki12 , ‘I don’t care…’ is good for usability but not for data safety. What really is needed is an extension that denies all cookies automatically and supresses the warning. I want my peace while surfing the net and not to be spied out at the same time. Maybe impossible…


We have setup Filter-Lists in our Routers at Work and Home, to prevent loading Adware. It works good so far but will of course not solve that Cookie-Nightmare.

While the Jolla-Browser in its actual Version (ESR78) is a fun to use on my X Compact, some websites starting to moan “update your browser”. So i home there will be a Browser-Engine update in one of the next Updates.

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It would be fine to have such filter-lists integrated in the SFOS phone, including the tethering functionality. In other words, implement a full functioning and configurable firewall into SFOS, working on the phone itself and also for the WLAN clients if tethering is active.

For the cookie nightmare, there should be an option for deny all without asking and show no warnings - with a whitelist for only manually defined websites.

Firefox offers an option to send a ‘do not track’ message to websites. Maybe there’s a way to enlarge this functionality to a ‘do not cookie’ message.

Is it sustainable to support this? I mean, it’s something I would also like to have, but at some point it’d be less work and more future proof perhaps to port Firefox Mobile to Qt or run through some bridge?

This might be especially important in the future, with the advent of WebAssembly. I am hoping that will become a third mobile platform, aside from iOS and Android.

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