Browser process won't get killed on close

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 60%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): x10
UI LANGUAGE: english
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): new


closing browser wont kill the browser process.



  1. use browser
  2. browser stops responding, or hangs in one page, phone gets warm
  3. close browser
  4. phone remains warm
  5. check processes with lighthouse. browser is still there with i.e.15% cpu


closing browser should kill process, allways


closing browser ui let process alive


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I confirm this behaviour on my Xperia X with the latest 3.4 EA OS version.

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I am fairly sure that I have noticed this behaviour since years.


This behaviour has been the case for a while, but it seems like it occurs more often these days. While I haven’t got empirical proof, I am suspecting that the increase in “fancy ads” is knackering* the browser.

One website with which this happens after leaving it idling for a while (~60 minutes) is, pick an article with ads.

Last, but not least, the workaround is to kill the sailfish browser from the terminal, which is easy enough to do.

*knackering is a technical term, of course :wink:


it could be.
Only that after the update to 3.4 the battery drain is pretty significant on my x10.
so now i am watching the processes a bit more. or at least i do make sure browser is dead on exit

I “have to” live with this feature on monthly basis with J1. Not sure it’s completely same as X10 have significantly more RAM. I assumed that’s my case.

I’ve also seen this before, or at least I can infer that this is what happens, because it happens on my desktop (FF) as well. If the browser becomes unresponsive and I close it, it leaves a process running. If I try to start the browser again, while this process is running, nothing happens. But if I leave it, it will exit after some time (few minutes). I haven’t had the need to kill the process, I just wait it out.

I’m having the same issue now that I’ve started to actually use the SFOS browser on 3.4:

  • After some amount of use browser hangs
  • After closing the browser and new browser cannot be opened
  • XA2

Yes it happens occasionally since long time ago. It now happens browser with Rokua, and I can confirm this on sites with no ads, but usually these sites are internaly designed in such a way, that browser is able to open them only partialy. Closing the tab with the particular site does not help; after the closure of the browser its process still work in the background using 26%CPU (Xperia X).

Restarting home screen helps. For the sake side after that I clear cookies and cache.

I have been using Firefox for the last couple of years, so also only noticed the behaviour in 3.4 when I wanted to try the updated browser. I like not having to load alien-dalvik and having an app like Crest to kill the process makes it bearable but I really miss Privacy Badger.

I don’t remember it freezing as often as it does nowadays.

I use an XA2 in case that matters.