Browser Performance on Volla / but not a new issue

There are (edit: was) quite a lot reports of slow, stucking, not responsive or crashing Stock Browser, so sorry for opening another thread to this issue…

But recently I made an observation that makes me wonder:

I did read the SFOS forum and other sites as always, but this time I had LLs vPlayer running in the background, playing a very long music video while surfing.

edit: running AllRadio in the background has the same positive effect.

Unlike running Stock Browser alone, it is really significant faster and much better responsive and does not crash on fast scrolling or tapping and loads and displays all sites much faster as if running alone, even at huge websites like

I guess that this comes from LLs vPlayer holding the CPU permanently at full speed so that Stock Browser also works like a charm.
Otherwise, I guess, if Browser is the only running app, CPU goes slow from some power saving mechanisms and hence the slowness and frequently occuring crashes.

Any ideas?

Is there any option to give the browser some tuning so that it holds the CPU awake and prevent from going into some powersave mode or sleeping?

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Maybe this could be solved by tweaking the cpu governor settings to not switch down to a lower cpu frequency when no load is there, for example scrolling a webpage, reading text and scrollibg again.

The settings of the schedutil governor used on the X10iii seem very odd to me.

I saw this effect on a Volla / GS290, will test on Xperia 10 soon.

I don’t know which governor the volla phone uses, but maybe there is some room for improvements.

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Just now I tested on Xperia 10, and there indeed everything’s fine. Occurs only on Volla. So I will edit the thread title, as I have the impression that no one other complains about Browser speed at this time.

edit: Is it possible to tweak the governor?