Browser not working properly

This is a problem unique to my XperiaX - SFOS

I am stuck in a hotel for 14 days.
The hotel has yet another stupid captive login system. The browser manages to present me with the logon screen and I can enter credentials, however the “OK” button doesn’t work, so no internet.

Has anyone else seen this sort of browser issue?

I tried a different screen orientation to make sure it wasn’t some dead spot on the screen.

Once upon a time I believed in the advantages of multiple browsers on the internet. Now I think we’d be better served with just one that actually worked :frowning:


Sounds like the pop-up button problem which we had already with all those annoying cookie accept overlays is not yet solved!

Idea for workaround:
if you got a PC with you, then fake the MAC address of your PC to match the one of your X (on X set WLAN off aforehand) and register with that one on PC, then PC WLAN off and reset MAC address, X WLAN on and try if it works now (should be registered now already).

Yes, I know how to flip Mac addresses. I have had this problem a couple of times on SFOS so I thought I’d mention it in case it’s an observable/fixable thing. But it’s not like I can give a reproducer, since it’s specific to my physical location and network.

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Yes, thise ‘landing pages’ and sometimes the background stuff are horror (especially if the browser cannot handle).

side story:
I do remember sort of this thing years ago with my N900 where I could connect but did not get proper routing settings propagated and had no internet access. Luckily I could trace it down somehow and solved it with some script to be called after connecting to this network (I love open Linux phones :slight_smile: )

I know that’s not solution for SFOS browser, but can’t you use an Android browser for it? Like Firefox or Opera?

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You’ll probably regret asking that question when you think about it more deeply :smiley:

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