(browser) goo goo dolls store not displaying at all


Just a quick note to let developers know that the goo goo dolls store is not working at all in the sailfish browser, it just display a blank page exactly as amazon…

For the record i’m on an xa2 with latest 4.5 update

If you’re not using the template, please don’t use the bug reports category.


I mentioned this website in the Amazon bug of Jolla Bugzilla.


Um. There’s lots of websites that don’t work at all in one or the other browser. Granted, more so on SFOS, but the same can happen with vanilla Firefox etc.

Honestly, that’s just a badly made website. Or they’re doing it on purpose.

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Eh, always used vivaldi prior to switching back to sailfish last year, and thus having the default browser, and never had a single problem in almost 3 years using vivaldi

Anyway since you said that, i’ll download firefox mobile to check if it works or not on there

Just tried with a one year old version of firefox and it’s perfectly working

Need to try with epiphany but i guess it’s working even on there…