[browser] [feature request] ability to save under different path and create a subfolder

When I save a file in the default browser app, there is no possibility to create a new subfolder. I think it should be.

It would be also useful to have possibility renaming existing folders in this menu.

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There isn’t even a possibility to save under a different name, let alone in a specific place, is there?

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Yes, a possibility to rename a file to save would be great. And also I can’t see what is already saved in the selected folder.

To remember the previous selected folder will improve usablility as well.

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For better or worse, i believe this is a design choice (and thus somewhat unlikely to change). Most apps, especially the built-in and official ones don’t concern themselves with where files are located almost at all. They mostly rely on tracker.

Come to think of it - what is the use-case? I realized it never really bothered me, but a motivation is usually helpful in feature requests.

My use case is as follows: every evening I read a couple of pages of a book to my child. The book is written in the language we are learning, so every evening I try to find pictures of the corresponding pages in our native language. I try to save several new pages found to save my time in the future. Of course, I want to keep the images in a separate folder without mixing them with other images.

It can sound weird, but here is the book: Gerstenberg Verlag | Alexandra Litwina: Von Moskau nach Wladiwostok

Anyway, when I download car pictures, I want to save them in the Cars folder. When I download maps, I want to save them in the Maps folder. And so on.

But… I see that I can’t filter photos in Gallery by a folder… All the images are placed together, both taken by the camera and downloaded! Terrible! Sailfish OS isn’t usable out of the box at all!