[Browser] electrolux.fi partially inaccessible

HARDWARE: Xperia 10 II, Xperia 10 III
UI LANGUAGE: English, Finnish


Some pages are inaccessible at site https://electrolux.fi


  1. Go to site
  2. Navigate to e.g. air conditioners: https://www.electrolux.fi/vacuums-home-comfort/air-comfort/air-conditioners/


The page is displayed


Access Denied

You don’t have permission to access “http://www.electrolux.fi/vacuums-home-comfort/air-comfort/air-conditioners/” on this server.

Reference #18.da6de5c1…




The page works with Fennec 103 from F-Store

The identical error message appears when visiting Gigantti, e.g.: https://www.gigantti.fi/tv-aani-ja-alykoti

Just now i tested both links you provide, page loads incl. pictures. But then, as the silly cookie permission page comes, on the first page (electrolux) i denied and then page worked, on the other site (gigantti) i didn’t come further because i do not understand finnish.
But under the cookie overlay, or in the seconds before it appears, there was the full text & images visible. Volla. Will test X10 later and also report here.

Here’s how to handle the Finnish cookie dialog:

teen muutoksia (I’ll make changes) > untick everything > päivitä suostumus (update accepted)

I can trigger the error page after I click a category link at least; just click a TV, tablet, vacuum cleaner etc. and you’ll get the error page. Reproducible with private browsing, too. Then, clicking back triggers it, too.

Edit: refreshing the page is needed on the Electrolux site, and the same is needed with Gigantti. So the pages works, but navigation is borked?

Yes, after some surfing the kitchen equipment, there comes ‘access denied’.

This also applies to lippu.fi

Strangely, it was also triggered by a desktop Firefox (103…?), so this might be well dicussed elsewhere. I’ll do some digging.

Edit: Here’s one find: Access Denied with firefox but not with Chrome | Firefox for Enterprise Support Forum | Mozilla Support and it tells basically to clear browser cache. Well, my desktop Firefox hadn’t ever accessed the domain lippu.fi before, so that doesn’t count. My friend suggested a server side issue, and as F5 helps, it looks like one…

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This looks like to be the culprit:


Customers of Akamai can (and will) set up rules to filter out bots, crawlers, DDoS attacks and so on. My IP may have a low reputation, or my ISP, or my IP block, or my country, or the reason can be something else altogether. Long story short - nothing you can do, pretty much.

The article contains a link to check your IP address reputation, but that may or may not result to a meaningful result. For example, I can constantly trigger the access denied page with Browser, but not at all with Firefox Fennec…

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