Browser: basic swipe controls

Make the browser swipable too:
Swipe left and right for backward and forward in the browser history while the respective edge of the webpage is shown, just like Internet Explorer Mobile on WP did
Pull down to refresh, just like typically used in android by now

It is weird that the browser falls completely out of the Sailfish design. However, with these functions the most essential operations can be done in swipes too. Instead of being dependant on an always vanishing control bar. A big development!

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You do realize that edge swipe is already taken by core functionality?

Sorry, that was misformulated

There was a patch for swipe control of the browser, but it doesn’t work any more: Browser history swipes. It got around the problem of ciolliding with edge swipes by requiring the swipes within a limited region at the bottom.

+1 for the browser history/back/next swipe gesture.

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I’d like to suggest a Firefox-like Swipe Left/Right on URL bar to switch Tabs

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