Broken apps in

After upgrade to, the 3 apps I use will not install (I had uninstalled them as directed before update)

Noson (needs QT runner)
Deadbeef silica (64 bit). ( needed by deadbeef-1.8.4-2.aarch64)

Oh well :frowning:

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Amazfish is another app that doesn’t work


Where are you installing from?
The chum rebuild has not happened yet for the regular repo.
If you are overriding to an old version this is to be expected.

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TAO translator is also not working anymore.
Should we start making a table and list those apps?


Is amazfish not working under Is there a workaround for that?

As i understand - not yet. @piggz is working hard to solve the Problem.


It’s usually best to file a bug with the packager/developer source repo.

Even better to do a fix and PR.


@piggz is currently holidaying in tenerife :slight_smile: ill get to it soon, a fix is already in so it just needs built on obs i think


It does work, I’m using it. You just have to build it yourself.

Looks like the update wiped my e-mail account. password was missing, but it still does not work even after putting it in. I guess I have remove my e-mail account and reconfigure it.

One of the Android app, “ABC mobile”, also lost my account, but that was rather easy to fix.

Maybe this was broken in a former release, it sound like an old error. What ever, deleting and recreate the account works like a charm. And maybe the old error is gone for ever then :slight_smile:

Yep, could be. But for me this was first time update actually affected any application. I still have Xperia 10+, which works, though its battery lasts hardly a day. I might break out 10 IV, which is still waiting in the box.

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Got the e-mail working. Recreating the account was the solution.

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I’ve built deadbeef for sfos 4.6, so you can install it from openrepos.


Thx a lot for yourcefforts to rebuild this app.
I really like it.

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