Bricked zypper and pkcon from restarting during hung 4.3 download

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): unknown
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): 4.2
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): JollaC
UI LANGUAGE: english
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?):


Trying to update to 4.3 the update stopped around 90% into the download (was at it about 2h and no network activity was happening), as it was showing information that some packages need to be removed (puremaps, sailfish-connect etc) I tried to pkcon remove them from a terminal and it went into endless waiting, ctrl-c didn’t help, so I forced a restart, ssu s shows that I’m on release 4.3, zypper complains either about cache (that’s from storeman) or about:

Unexpected exception:
[|plugin:ssu?repo=openrepos-CepiPerez] Repository has no alias defined.

when executed from terminal (removed that repository through storeman but no change). Pkcon is endlessly waiting in queue.


restart while update is stuck at downloading


  1. Get the 4.3 update to get stuck at 90% for 2h and restart phone?


Working system


Broken package manager


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In case someone ends up with similar error what seems to have helped (maybe all, maybe only parts):
editing ssu.ini back to release
deleting /home/.cache folders (zypp something and dist something, also in ~/.local/cache/osupdate or something like that just for good measure)
disabling/removing repo that was listed in the error msg
removing /etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo
killall packagekitd
at this point ‘version --dup’ managed to go through and install some updates, pkcon refresh started working, removal of some packages still ended hanging but restarting the phone and trying again I managed to get all the blockers from the update removed eventually, update downloaded correctly this time but hangs up with full bar when updating, after forced restart shows 4.3, no idea how broken but seems to be working for now

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