Bricked my Gemini through updating

Unfortunately my Gemini PDA switched off while updating and now it wouldn’t boot (hangs at the penguin screen). Is there any chance to recover it?

To which Sailfish OS version were you updating? Is your Gemini PDA just running Sailfish OS or is it dual boot? By recover do you mean get your data off device or just get it working again?

Don’t know whether this thread offers you any help in your predicament:

I would really like to restart/complete the Update. Still have some personal data on the phone and of course I didn’t make a backup :slight_smile:
I could still boot into (rooted) Android. Or, by pressing ESC, into the Bootmanager, where I could choose between several Options. However, no idea how to invoke SfOS recovery mode?

On Gemini PDA, SailfishOS is not encrypting the home partition. So, you may try connecting it to a computer and mounting the partitions there to access the files ?

Never keep data in the internal memory of a phone (or any other device with non-removable storage).
Keep the data on a removable medium, e. g. SD card, or keep a permanent synchronization with a cloud/personal cloud storage system. Or both.



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There are rather some installed appsI want to preserve. For instance, I had magentar installed, which was a Threema frontend which was once in openrepos but got removed due to licensing issues. Plus I installed kodi and tinkered quite some time with some fedora rpms to eventually get DRM and amazon prime and DAZN running. Plus I’m somewhat lazy and I still think there might be some faster method than starting from the scratch:-)

Really no idea, anyone?

It doesn’t to boot far enough to allow mounting. Is it maybe possible to mount from android?