Brick Xperia XA2 ultra after update to Sailfish OS Suomenlinna

Hello my friends.
I have an issue after the last update to Sailfish OS Suomenlinna.
I started the update and after few minutes a message appeared that said “update failed”.After that the mobile get restarted and only the SONY logo appeared and nothing more…
What can I do? I’m a new user and I don’t know what I have to do.
Please any instructions?
Thank you very much for your time

If you have nothing of importance on it the easiest would probably flashing anew with the 4.3 image.

If that isn’t an option, try recovery mode, but that requires some command line knowledge to use successfully.


Unfortunately I don’t have a command line knowledge. So I have to reinstall-flashing a new?
4.3 image?
I don’t have any access to command line.My mobile isn’t able to start.Only SONY logo appears and nothing more. It can’t boot.

Reflashing means re-installing Sailfish OS as described here. Did you install Sailfish OS on your phone yourself? If so, you’ve done it before :wink:


And this would be the guide for recovery command line options (also reset).