Bootloader unlock problem

i cannot flash sailing os on xperia 10 II with my macbook…
attaching on terminal sudo fastboot oem unlock 0x(…) i reciveid this message: FAILED (remote: ‘Command did not succeed’)

fastboot: error: Command failed

please hepl me

Welcome to the forum. Have you got Homebrew installed upon MacBook? Did “fast boot devices” elicit a device Id? Wonder whether android-platform-tools are installed correctly as in this thread:

thank you…
yes i did fast boot devices and a number appear…about android platform i downloaded Software binaries for Xperia™ 10II (chapter 4 of guide)

Have you unlocked the bootloader from the phone (running Android)?

i enabled **OEM unlocking and **USB debugging

finally i resolved… unfortunately imei numbers on box were inverted (dual sim)

please mark as ‘solved’.