Boost update from 1.66


Filing it as a formal bug report, but maybe we should fix it for older SFOS releases as well (see below).

Boost ( is stuck on rather old version (1.66, Dec 2017). Some software doesn’t support it anymore. For example, Valhalla used as a router in OSM Scout Server.

So, it makes sense to update it to some recent version.

Now, if such update would happen, I wonder if we have to provide some kind of compatibility for older SFOS releases at Chum. However, we have so far, wanted to stay away from system-provided libs. So, if we do update boost, it would be change in policy.


Can a new boost be installed in parallel to the OS shipped version?

Could we have something like /usr/lib/boostXY/, and ship a config to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include that location?

It’s possible, but your making your linking config easier if you put any other version under /opt/boost<version> and leave the unversioned symlinks.

And use /etc/ not LD_LIBRARY_PATH for clarity.

I had to that for Arch for quite a time, it’s a PKGBUILD of course but it’ll maybe help writing a spec: PKGBUILD - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories

We could. We can also bundle newer version of boost libs (filesystem and few others) if needed with the apps.

Unfortunately, boost is installed by default, as far as I can see. Otherwise, we could just add it to Chum and let older SFOS releases to get it as well just as an update.

When adding it to some other location, cmake scripts would have to be instructed to look there as well. Which is an extra developer effort…

Just for your information update was done to 1.81.0 [boost] Update to version 1.81.0. JB#60146 by mlehtima · Pull Request #1 · sailfishos/boost · GitHub. The update will be included in the next release after 4.5.0.


Thank you very much! That was very fast.

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