Bluetooth tethering on SFOS on the receiving end

Does anybody know if it is possible to get it somehow automatic? Sharing your internet connection on 4.6 seems to work great with a couple devices I tried, but not with sfos devices ironically enough. I was hoping bt would be a great fallback for jolla tablet if its wlan chip misbehaves as it seems to be a common issue, but after twiddling with bluez’s ‘test-network (BTADDR) nap’ for couple of hours managed to get the bnep0 interface on the jolla tablet working only once. ssh to phone was working, pinging ips, fine, sadly adding nameserver entry to resolv.conf worked for name resolution only in terminal, browser and qt apps wouldn’t recognize it. Anyone have any idea or pointers? Managed to get bt-pan script fixed for python3 if anyone’s interested, but it seems for proper support something more like idk connman plugin(?) is needed, which would be a shame as 4.6 is the last update on the tablet