Bluetooth support for BankID creation (Sweden)

BankID is widely uses in Sweden for online identification in bank apps and online purchases. Recently there has been a change that requires Bluetooth support from the Android side to connect to another device when creating a new id from an already existing id on another phone. Creating an id from scratch requires a passport and an nfc reader. Neither of these works today in Sailfish. Without BankID support it will be very difficult, requiring another Android phone for everyday tasks. Please consider looking into it, as a really longtime SFOS user I would hate to change to a pure Androud phone.

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Surely you can still visit your bank and bring a drivers license. Last i heard, the figures for passport ownership was barely above 50%.

Bluetooth support for Android apps is not something one simply “looks into”.
NFC is much more doable than Bluetooth for Android apps.

This should probably have been posted in the already existing thread…