Bluetooth Speaker stuttering + problems with automatic reconnecting

It’s an old problem, but currently occuring on SFOS on both Xperia 10 and Volla.
It occurs also on many BT audio devices, that generally work fine if - edit: the pairing is deleted and freshly made.
I have a chinese BT speaker and a TP-Link HA100 in use, the problems occur on both devices the same.

After connecting the phone to the BT audio device and starting LLs Videoplayer, Deadbeef Silica or AllRadio, sound comes out periodically stuttering, abt. 0,2 seconds playing, 1,5 seconds silence.

All three audio apps working perfectly when headphone jack is connected to an audio amplifier by cable.

Can I restart some daemon by systemctl restart ‘something’ to fix this without rebooting the phone?
Can I do something to find the reason for this regularly reappearing malfunction?

edit: Deleting the pairing on the phone and re-pairing the BT audio device fixes the connection until it comes back again.

Can I establish a permanent pairing that reliable works?

edit: A workaround is, after new establishing the connection, when the phone asks for ‘always allow pairing’, to say no and always connect manually. But automatic reconnection doesn’t work! Why?

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Autoconnect yes or no after connecting makes no difference. BT sound device works only one time after pairing and never again. On second, third… connection device is displayed as connected but… see above.

The only way to make it work again is to delete the device from the list of BT devices and then connect new.

Any ideas? Worth a bug report?

I can only comment that on Xperia 10 III bluetooth appears to work fine with at least my (cheap chinese) bluetooth speaker and headphones, so it would appear to be more likely device (phone) specific.