Bluetooth remote for camera

I recently got a tripod which comes with a bluetooth remote for ios and android. Is there any way this can be made to work on sfos?

If you are asking whether the Android app can be made to work on Android Support, then very likely no, as support for Bluetooth under Android Support is limited (more or less only audio).

As for whether a native app could be written, maybe. It would be useful to know what kind of device it is.

I sure don’t want to use an android camera. The tripod is a Mactrem and the remote pairs as “AB Shutter3” on my xperia xz2c.

Does it send some kind of keyboard event? Which profiles are listed in the properties of the paired device?

Low energy services: DIS, BAS, HIDS

I used to have one and IIRC it simply sent a keypress… I don’t have it anymore though.

HIDS would make it a keyboard, I guess…