Bluetooth Keyboard doesn't work

I tried to connect a bluetooth keyboard to my XA2 running Sailfish OS 3.4. I can successfully pair it, but it doesn’t work - keyboard input does nothing on the phone.

The Keyboard is no standard one but a Mokibo Wireless Touch pad Keyboard ( . Maybe it’s too special…

So it seems the system recognises the Device itself, but not as a keyboard. Sailfish settings just show the Bluetooth symbol for that device, while another smartphone has a specific symbol as well as the Bluetooth adapter from my cars radio.
Settings for the keyboard show followinh profiles: GAP, GATT, DIS, HIDS.
At least, according to a quick search, HIDS seems to be the right protocol/profile for a Bluetooth Keyboard… But as said, nothing works (but if paired to other non-sailfish device it works).

If anybody has a hint how to set it up or how to soö d that thing I’d be glad to hear…

While not a specific answer to your problem, I can confirm that a RAPOO Bluetooth keyboard around from Nokia’s Symbian era connects and functions with XA2 running