Bluetooth audio level

I hope to find some clear text config file for this mixer, where the level settings are and if I find something, to modify those settings by editor (as devel-su). I will report here if I find something. @ApB: Thank you for the ‘pulseaudio’ hint!

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I also have freebuds 3, paired on my Xperia 10ii.
And experience the low volume issue when trying to listen to any media content (music, video, recording, streaming video etc).

This MUST be a missing codec issue, since the same BT earpieces work perfectly fine when making calls. The volume on freebuds 3 while in calls is loud and clear.

I hope this will be solved in the final 4.1 version!

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This issue seems to be fixed with 4.1. At least with a 10 ii.

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But not fixed with 4.1 on an XA2. I still have audio levels that are so quiet it is impossible to hear the voice on the other end of a phone call clearly when the phone is connected to the car - and no way to turn it up to a usable level. Volume on the phone and the car are maxed out, but still way too quiet.